PC-CAM FinePix Project

Maintenace & support: Amos Tibaldi

mail: tibaldi@ce.unipr.it

homepage: www.ce.unipr.it/people/tibaldi

Aim of the project: realize one stable and reliable driver for the finepix pccam a204 for the linux operating system and... who knows.... even for other models of finepix digital cameras, if someone can help me in the analysis of communication between the host usb controller and the models themselves: so let me know!

For FujiFilm FinePix a204 here is available one linux kernel module I realized which supports reading from the camera in pccam mode; one linux kernel source of version at least 2.4.20 is required; the driver should support up to four independent usb 1.1 camera attached to the pc; for problems please contact me at tibaldi@ce.unipr.it

Download the release 0.69 from SourceForge.Net File Release System.

If you experience problems in using the driver, contact me: we'll solve together the situation and make available a better release to everyone! Moreover I ask you if you can communicate to me advices for the improvement of the driver you obtain from this link or report any strange situation or condition happened before your eyes. This will help a lot indeed.

Status of the project

12 august 2003, Parma - Italy
Outline of an efficient LKM skeleton for accessing low level usb packets in a seamless way OK
Identification of all possible problems with third parties devices - who knows if some politic for making the protocol interface not uniform is under effect KO: no help in testing with other digital cameras
user feedback advertised, but depends on the users
knock out what's up?
if anyone has interest in helping me with this idea, because he wants to take advantage of the use of his new camera with his linux box, will be pleasantly welcomed! do not hesitate!